Meet Dr. Wynens


Known as the “audiologist in cowboy boots”, Dr. Maria Wynens is a warm and friendly professional with a dedicated passion for improving people’s lives one ear at a time.

Dr. Wynen’s audiology practice in Atlanta allows her the opportunity to offer sound advice while building a rapport with her patients on more than simply a clinical level. Her ability to listen and learn about each patient on a personal level offers greater insight into the needs and preventative hearing solutions that benefit them most.

Sound Advice from Dr. Wynens

In 27 years of private practice, she has developed programs specializing in hearing aids, tinnitus, balance disorders and cochlear implants. It was during this time that Dr. Wyens recognized a pattern in her patient care that required more than simply a healing solution, but a focus on preventative care solutions for recreational activities. From this theory of preventative care, she was able to offer the benefits of protective hearing to her patients BEFORE the need for therapeutic hearing relief.

After launching this concept via the internet, SafeGuard Hearing has become a direct information portal for patients with active lifestyles whose listening environment includes frequent background noise. It has guided many outdoor enthusiasts including hunters and gun-sport hobbyists to safely protect their hearing from the devastating effects of gunblast, while allowing an enhanced awareness of the surrounding outdoor environment. Dr. Wynens’ professional involvement with racecar and motor-sport enthusiasts has ensured similar results in the long-term protection of their auditory capabilities and enhanced awareness. In such industries as music, sound mixing and recording, Dr. Wynens has enhanced her patient’s performance with custom-fit ear monitors that offer amplified sound while protecting the ear from harmful high decibal deterioration.

It is Dr. Wynens’ belief that with custom-fit protective care, her patients can continue to enjoy their current recreational endeavors while maintaining healthy hearing for a lifetime.

Appointments can be made by calling (404) 277-8208 or submitting a request online through our contact us page.


Dr. Wynens is a Fellow of the American Academy of Audiology and a Member of the Academy of Doctors of Audiology.  She is also an AudigyCertified hearing care provider. This certification adheres to a strict set of patient care standards that deliver unmatched patient satisfaction. Only the top 3 to 5 percent of providers in the U.S. hold this distinction. No other hearing provider in the area holds this award.